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Thursday, July 14, 2016

BRL Test Voted Dealer of the Month by Used Line Hi-Tech and Scientific Equipment Community


 Used-Line's Test Community voted for you because of your honesty, helpfulness, and consistent availability of equipment! 

 BRL Test - low pricing on sales and repairs of electronic test equipment is what we're about. Our world class repair lab sets us apart.

 We absolutely know spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, EMC EMI, amplifiers, RF, microwave and more.

BRL Test is your one stop source for over fifty different manufacturers and thousands of different models. Save on Agilent, Keysight, Com-Power, Ophir RF, Tektronix, Fluke, Anritsu, and Rohde & Schwarz. All equipment is calibrated and certified per order so it is guaranteed to work accurately right out of the box.

Why buy from BRL Test? Our great warranty is fully backed by our expert repair lab. From the top down our entire company is fully engaged and ready to help you with your electronic test equipment requirements. Call us today at 407-682-4228.

Monday, September 21, 2015

BRL Test has E8257D-520/1E1/1EA/1ED Agien/Keysight Signal Generator- Premium Used for $24,900

BRL Test has E8257D-520/1E1/1EA/1ED Agilent/Keysight Signal Generator- Premium Used for $24,900

BRL Test is your E8257D experts.  Enjoy savings on premium quality used.  Rest easy with full 1 year parts and labor warranty.  Backed by BRL Test's World Class Repair Lab.

Click here for E8257D-520 data sheet and quote request form.

Call your BRL Test now to lock in on this great $24,900 price at 407-682-4228

  • Option 1E1:  Step attenuator
  • Option 1EA:  High RF output power
  • Option 1ED:  Type-N (f) RF output connector
  • Option 520:  Frequency range from 250 kHz to 20 GHz

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

R&S FSEB30 Spectrum Analyzer On Sale at BRL Test $3,490

Rohde & Schwarz FSEB30 on Sale at BRL Test


Click here for quotes and data sheet.
Spectrum Analyzer 10 MHz-7 GHz.
Spectrum analysis with ultra-wide dynamic range Noise figure = 18 dB/TOI = 20 dBm typ.
Universal analysis of digital and analog modulated signals (option) such as BPSK, QPSK, π/4-DQPSK, 8PSK, QAM, MSK, GMSK, 2FSK, AM, FM, PM
High-speed synthesizer 5 ms for full span
Refresh rate, quasi-analog 25 sweeps/s
Large LC TFT display 24 cm/9.5", active
Future-proof modular design Customized solutions through wide variety of options
Displayed noise floor –150 dBm (typ.) in 10-Hz bandwidth
3rd-order intercept point +20 dBm typ.
1 dB compression point of RF input +10 dBm
Sweep time: Span = 0 Hz - 1 µs to 2500 s in 5% steps; Span ≥10 Hz - 5 ms to 16 000 s in steps ≤10% ;Error limit <1%
Sampling rate 50 ns (20 MHz A/D converter)
Number of pixels 500
AF demodulation types - AM and FM

BRL Test - We absolutely know spectrum analyzers!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Anritsu MG3691A Signal Generator On Sale at BRL Test $4,400

Anritsu MG3691B Premium Quality Used at BRL Test for Less

BRL Test - We absolutely know signal generators.  Get the MG3691A on sale now for $4,400.
Click here for MG3691A datasheet and quoteforms. 
  • Option 01B: Rack Mount without slides 
  • Option 02A: Mechanical Step Attenuator 
  • Option 0510 MHz to 2 GHz RF coverage
  • Option 09KRear Panel Output 
  • Option 15AHigh Power 
Call BRL Test today to lock in this saving at 407-682-4228

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HP 8563E Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-26.5GHz w/ Mass Memory Module at BRL Test for $4,450

HP Agilent Keysight 8563E at BRL Test

BRL Test - We are spectrum analyzer experts.  We know the 8563E from top to bottom and can offer fast and low cost repairs.  When you purchase from BRL Test you can rest easy with a 1 year full parts and labor warranty.

Click here for 8563E quote form and data sheet.

Shop comparative spectrum analyzers in the same frequence class at

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