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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Programmable Attenuators - Best Performance- Easy - Low cost at BRL Test

Adaura Technology AD-USB2AR2 Programmable Attenuator

AD-USB2AR2 Programmable Attenuator
Ad-USB2AR2 Programmable Attenuator

BRL Test is your authorized AdauraTech distributor
AdauraTech AD-USB2AR2 programmable attenuators feature a unique design that provides 2 channels in one compact package.  Great engineering delivers exceptional chain-to-chain isolation, greater than 100dB.  Test a much wider range of wireless applications with improved results. Easy to use. Low pricing.  Click Here to Get Quote for AD-USB2AR2.

To build better products you need to test better upfront.  Compete to win.  AdauraTech's high performance RF testing equipment is a simple to use, accurate and affordable solution.