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Monday, May 19, 2014

40 GHz Network Analyzer with Time Domain for only $25,000 at BRL Test! - 8722ES /010

Premium Used Agilent 8722ES with Option 10 at BRL Test

BRL Test - Repairs and Sales.  We absolutely know the Agilent 8720 series.

With S-parameter analyzers, you’re able to measure the forward and reverse characteristics of components without disconnecting, turning around, and reconnecting them to the analyzer. The ES models also provide full 2-port calibration for excellent measurement accuracy. The transmission/reflection analyzers provide forward transmission and reflection measurements of many devices, at an affordable price.  Both ET and ES models combine a fast, synthesized source with an integrated test set. These instruments quickly and accurately measure magnitude, phase, group delay and absolute power of transmission and reflection signals. So whether you want to improve  your designs in R&D or maximize your measurement throughput in manufacturing, the 8720E analyzers  can help by providing superb measurement accuracy, fast measurement speed, and thoughtfully-designed productivity features.

This special price offer is available for a limited time!  BRL Test is the only place where you can buy a great 40 GHz Network Analyzer for $25,000 and rest easy about your purchase knowing that your full warranty is backed by BRL Test's world class repair lab.  

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