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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BRL Test Monthly List: 4062UX, 81110A, 86108A, AH-118, 8753ES, BB60C, E4438C, E8363B, MG3691B, N4693A, P2100A, TO204A, U2710A, U2702A

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4062UX Agilent / HP Parametric Tester$49,900.00
4072A Agilent / HP Parametric Tester - Configured your way$174,000.00
4072B Agilent / HP Parametric Tester - Configured your way$179,000.00
5820A 2.1 GHz Fluke Oscilloscope Calibrator$15,900.00
6620 Krohn-Hite IEEE-488 Programmable Precision Phasemeter, 10 Hz - 5 MHz$3,400.00
81110A w/(qty2) 81111A Agilent Pulse Pattern Generator 165 MHz dual-channel $8,900.00
8160A /020 Agilent / HP Pulse Generators, 50MHz$4,000.00
85107B Agilent / HP Network Analyzer System 50 GHz, 8510C 8517B 83651B$19,900.00
8510SX Agilent / HP Network Analyzer System 26.5 GHz, 8510C...$9,900.00
8595E /023 /101/105 Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz - 6.5 GHz$2,400.00
8596E/041/130 Agilent Spectrum Analyzer 12.8 GHz$2,750.00
86108A Waveform Analyzer module 33 GHz, channel noise 300uV, Jitter 100 femto seconds$5,900.00
8722ES /010/1D5 Agilent Network Analyzer 40 GHz$26,500.00
8753D Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz Internal S-Parameter$4,900.00
8753D/011 w 85046B Agilent Network Analyzer 3GHz/ w/external S-Parameter$3,000.00
8753E/1D5 Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz$6,400.00
8753ES Agilent Network Analyzer 3 GHz $6,750.00
AB-900 - Com-Power Biconical Antenna New in Box$1,029.00
ABM-6000 Com Power Microwave Biconical Antenna 1-6 GHz New in Box$1,850.00
ACS-230-50W EMC Power Amplifier New in Box$8,300.00
AH-118 Com-Power Horn Antenna 1-18 GHz New in Box$2,830.00
ALC-100 Com-Power Compact Log Peridic Antenna 300MHz-1GHz New in Box$1,250.00
BB60C Signal Hound Real Time 6GHz Spectrum Analyzer. Small, beautiful GUI, great in every way! $2,879.00
Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer 1KHz to 40 MHz New in Box$5,490.00
CDN-M325E Com-Power Powerline Coupling and Decoupling Network. New in box.$1,325.00
CX Monitor, Power Monitor. Expert reports created for you when you return rental. call
DSO5054A Agilent Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 4CH, 4GSa/sec$2,990.00
E4402B Agilent 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer$3,900.00
E4406A/B78/BAF Agilent Signal Analyzer 4 GHz$1,500.00
E4407B/A4H/AYX/BAA/B72 Agilent 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer$8,900.00
E4418B Agilent Single Channel Power Meter 110GHz$990.00
E4438C/002/005/401/403/404/503/UNB/UNJ Agilent Signal Generator 3GHz$5,900.00
E4438C/506/601/UNB/UNJ Agilent Signal Generator 6 GHz$12,900.00
E4440A Agilent Spectrum Analyzer 26.5 GHz$19,900.00
E5515C Agilent Test Set HW 4.3 3/CDMA/CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS/1xEV-DO$2,400.00
E5515C HW 4.5, 3/CDMA2000/IS-95/AMPS/1xED-VO/Fast Switch Mobile Agilent Test$2,900.00
E8257D-567 Agilent Signal Generator 67 GHz$89,900.00
E8357A/015 Agilent Network Analyzer 6 GHz$11,900.00
E8363B/010 Agilent Network Analyzer 40GHz$39,900.00
E8364A Agilent Network Analyzer 50 GHz$54,900.00
EPM-442A Agilent / HP Power Meter Dual Channel$2,000.00
FSH18 Rohde and Schwarz R&S Spectrum Analyzer, Hand Held, 10 MHz to 18 GHz$8,900.00
J2100 Picotest Injection Transformer. New in Box$525.00
J7230A /004/106/110/609 OmniBER Agilent / HP OTN 10 Gb/s Communications Performance Analyzer$4,900.00
LI-325 Com-Power Line Impedance Stabilizer 10kHz-40MHz, New in box.$1,425.00
M1 Waveform Tools Suite Software. Puts your old scopes brain on steriods!call
MG3691A 1B/2A/5/9K/15A Anritsu Synthesized CW Generator, 2 to 8.4 GHz$4,400.00
MG3691B Anritsu Signal Generator, 10MHz to 10GHz$5,400.00
MS2724B/25 Anrisu Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 20 GHz$7,900.00
MSO6052A /001/8MH/SEC Agilent / HP Oscilloscope 500 MHz & 2* 10073C Probes$4,900.00
N4693A/M0F ECal Module$8,900.00
P2100A Picotest 1 Port PDN Transmission Line Probe (new 3yr mfg warranty)$1,495.00
P9610A Picotest Programmable Auto Power Supply 36v-108W (new 3yr mfg warranty)$735.00
P9611A Picotest Programmable Auto Power Supply 60V-120W (new 3yr mfg warranty)$630.00
S331E/10/21/31 Anritsu Site Master Cable/Antenna Analyzer 4GHz Handheld, GPS...$8,400.00
S820C Anritsu Microwave Site Master Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer 3.3 GHz- 20 GHz$8,900.00
TO204A Micsig Touchtablet Oscilloscope *Wow* 200MHz, 4 CH, 2GS/s(new)$2,295.00
U2701A Small Modular Oscilloscope w/ USB 100MHz$1,100.00
U2702A Small Modular Oscilloscope w/ USB 200 MHz$1,300.00

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