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Friday, November 22, 2013

Agilent 81130A Pulse Data Generator Review of Features

Glitch-free timing changes 
Now you can sweep your timing values without the danger of spurious pulses or dropouts that could cause measurement errors.  (Applies to continuous mode,  values < 100 ms, consecutive  values between 0.5 and twice the  previous value on the 81101A,81104A, 81110A)

Reliable measurements
All models provide clean,  accurate pulses with excellent repeatability, thus contributing to measurement integrity. The Agilent 81110A features self- calibration for more accuracy. It also offers a choice of output modules: the Agilent 81111A 165 MHz, 10 V module with variable transitions and the Agilent 81112A 330 MHz, 3.8 V module which has differential outputs and two selectable transition times. The Agilent 81130A offers a choice of output modules: the Agilent 81131A 400 MHz, 3.8 V module and the Agilent 81132A 660 MHz, 2.5 V module which has complementary outputs.

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Features such as the clear graphical display, autoset, help, store/recall, preset TTL/ECL levels, selectable units (such as current/voltage, width/duty-cycle), and load compensation ensure a high level of convenience. Smooth integration into automated test systems The Agilent 81100A family can be integrated easily into all phases of test system development. Test  programs are 100% upwardly compatible from the Agilent 81101A to the 81104A and from the 81104A to the 81110A, ensuring that growth with future needs is as easy as just exchanging the instruments physically. This results in low integration costs, in addition to low costs of ownership through proven hardware reliability. Emulate the device's  environment...Today's devices can require very  complex stimuli. To meet this, the Agilent 81130A can sequence and loop its memory for very deep patterns. RZ (return-to-zero), NRZ (non-return-to- zero) and R1 (return-to-one) formats are available. Digital channel addition allows the generation of signals with two different pulse widths and delays or of data rates up to 1.32 Gbit/s in one single channel.

Frequency range 
 Agilent 81130A is designed and recommended for an operation in the frequency range of 170 kHz to 400/660 MHz. However it can be operated in the extended range down to 1 kHz.